The strength to survive

The strength to survive

In a collapse scenario, our main task will be to stay alive. If we get there, then we can take care of our family and our loved ones.

For this we must prepare ourselves, and the real preparation begins with oneself. Knowing our limitations, evaluating our emotions and thoughts, are the necessary steps and prior to any emergency plan.

Fear, frustration, guilt or anger are reactions that can lead to our loss. This is why a survivist should start by working on himself, to find out who he really is …

When a survivor is unable to control his or her reactions, the survivors will ground him or her within a few minutes. Guilt, loneliness, depression and anxiety are all common reactions to stress caused by survival situations. However, when the world collapses around us and the danger is omnipresent, the last thing to do is most certainly to experience psychological defeat.

Most experts in the field like to say that survival is natural in humans, and that even though the modern age has undermined its instinct for preservation, it still exists in the depths of it. While this may be true, I would say that being trained in a life or death situation and struggling to survive is not so natural or habitual for most of us. If we really want to stay alive, then we must be able to take the lead on the natural reactions that a disaster is likely to produce, and for that we must prepare.

This is probably the most difficult task facing the survivist. Because it is not a question of accumulating reserves and equipment, of calculating a budget, or of inviting family or friends to take part in the feast. This is how we will prepare ourselves mentally to be sure that our reactions in a survival scenario will be productive and not destructive . Heroism and courage are qualities which exist in the latent state in each of us, but which will be brought back to the surface in good time only on condition that we have labored to awaken them.

You must prepare yourself psychologically for survival, and develop the right attitude.

To prepare, you must first know yourself

Each of us should spend time to find out who he really is , and that in a systematic way. Knowing what type of person you are will help you develop areas that you know are necessary for survival, or choose the right directions. When did you last make a courageous act? Did you ever “stand up” for something you believed? These are questions you should ask yourself, and whose answers might surprise you …

Also do not look for extraordinary things, but look into your everyday life. I’m not asking you to tell me when for the last time you extracted someone from a burning building. But if, for example, you have already intervened to separate two people who were fighting? Or if you have already stood up to your boss to recognize your merits or the quality of your work? This kind of stuff can help you discover who you really are.

After that, ask yourself the following question: What would be the attitude I usually follow in a scenario of chaos? Begin by analyzing yourself, and answer this question because it is paramount . Am I more oriented towards action (attacker), or reaction (defender)? Am I more concerned with my (egocentric) person, or very / generous towards others? Etc. Each of these characteristics will have precise consequences in a situation of chaos. Once you know more about the type of person you are, you can start preparing yourself in the most profitable way, including equipment.

If, for example, you are not very attracted to weapons, their possible use is repugnant to you, or you think you are too “nice” to have the courage to shoot someone who threatens you, then it will be useless To invest in an armory. You can only be satisfied with a single shotgun, for the unpredictable, and reserve the rest of your time and resources to acquire food, tools, practical knowledge in the agricultural or other field. We have already said, it is not by buying a complete outfit of Punisher that you will inherit for all of his talents as a warrior.

If you want to prepare, you must anticipate your fears

Many survivalists act as if nothing outside is frightening them. Personally, I can not believe that there can be so many people who are not afraid of anything. For me, we are just men, not superheroes. Although human nature is sometimes surprising, it also highlights fears that we would never have thought of. The random factor plays an important role in all disaster scenarios, and you may be faced with a situation that would scare you.

For example, I’m not a big fan of snakes, and if I had to evacuate in an environment where there are a lot of snakes, then I might make mistakes just because of that fear. Do not pretend that you will not be afraid of anything. Think about what would scare you the most if you were forced to survive alone. The mere fact of being alone could be a factor of fear for many people . You should know your fears not with the intention of eliminating them, but because it is vital that you develop confidence and that you are able to function in spite of themselves.

You can not prepare yourself if you are not realistic

If you have that mentality of thinking that after all “it’s not that terrible,” then you will not last long. You should be able to make an honest assessment of the situation, and think about what to do next. You should see things as they are, and not as you would like them to be. When we fail, it is always good to think that someone will come to our rescue, but we must keep our hopes and expectations within what would be possible given the situation.

Do not just believe that aid will materialize, be realistic and light a fire, ration your reserves, etc. They always say ” Hope the best, but get ready for the worst “, and for good reasons. If you are in a situation of survival and you have unrealistic expectations or hopes too high, you could be disappointed and worse. If you want to prepare yourself seriously, you will need to be realistic about the options available to you and your chances of survival in the event of a disaster.

I personally believe that denial and underestimation of the dangers will be among the main causes of human loss in the next chaos, along with food scarcity or lack of hygiene. The fact of being able to glimpse reality only through its own filters in spite of the most elementary common sense is a real taint peculiar to modern man, largely due to the constant disinformation imposed on him by his masters.

You are preparing because you have something to fight for

If you want to build yourself a real survivor mentality, then you should always remember what the stakes are.

The challenge is your life; Or, more importantly, that of your family . It is the fundamental reason why you psychologically prepare yourself for reactions such as loss of confidence, depression, errors of judgment, inattention, and so on.

The mind abandons before the body throws in the towel, and that is why it is vital to constantly remember the reasons that push us to move forward . Many survivors described how they were able to overcome critical situations as well as pain, because they wanted to see their family and hug them. If you have something to fight for, then this thing, whatever it is, will give you the strength to move forward.

To illustrate the point, I am going to reveal a part of myself here …

I am a man of the solitary camp, who has neither wife nor children. Hardly a few old friends, others newer but equally rare. Someone who, a priori, would not have many people to fight and survive in case of serious chaos. The very type of the candidate for suicide when times are too difficult and the mind flanks.

Of course, there will always be the fun of action for the most turbulent of us, as I said here and there. But I also know from experience that the infatuation of the first times will gradually give way to stress, fear, and pain. After the first assaults, the mind cogites and the doubt settles. Maybe I will not be lucky next time, is it all worth it, my cause is right, why should I continue to fight and suffer? Etc.

In those moments, only the recollection and the revival of our initial stake can stop the mechanism of the mind and block the downward spiral. As far as I am concerned, this is to live the advent of the great King promised to France in the last days, of which many saints and seers promised the coming. This is what I believe will motivate and allow me to hold on. It will be the culmination of my life, my personal quest for the Grail …

I know that such an issue will seem ridiculous to some, even totally unrealistic or absurd. That is not the problem or the question, and I leave everyone with the issue that he himself has determined and believes to be valid. Choose one, whatever it may be, and cherish it , for it is he and him alone that will enable you to stand. Stocks, equipment, reserves, all of this is important, of course, but the mind is a step above all, and for him the stake we have freely determined is crucial.

You can not prepare yourself if you do not have a positive attitude

A survivor attitude also includes the ability to consider the good side of every thing. Keeping a positive attitude and seeing the best stimulates morale and creates solutions to our problems. There is evidence that maintaining such an attitude is excellent for exercising imagination and creativity.

If you continue to think that nothing can work, you are doomed to failure. The same goes for those who believe that we will never win, given the number of Martians who have invaded us and continue to do so every month. Since the Crusades they have always fucked the pate, and it will be done once more when the time comes. A true patriot alone is worth ten candles, and much more when properly flanked. In any case, the Prophet himself predicted that his minions would all be wiped from the face of the earth in recent times. For once, I believe it willingly …

Do not let yourself be defeated by the lucubrations and gesticulations of the irrecoverable bobos which the media purposely drink us. All this is done to demoralize the people, and to maintain the idea among the true French that all resistance is useless. The boboic cretins, these infamous traitors to their race and country, will be the first to disappear for the greater good of humanity. The others will do it for us. After that, we will take care of ourselves the others in the proper way.

You can not find the right solution if you are not positive. It is a general state of mind, and maintaining a positive attitude will help you whatever goal you pursue.

If you want to prepare, you must train

The training and experiences of life prepare for anything that the future could reserve for us. Showing yourself that the skills you possess can be put to good use will give you the confidence you need to survive. Developing new talents, and putting them into practice during training, will boost your morale.

The more realistic the training, the less crushing a survival situation will be. You should find ways to exercise your skills, participate in internships if you can afford them, and never stop learning. Having a library full of survival manuals will not bring you anything if you do not bother opening them, and testing for yourself the information they contain.

This blog, as well as our files, contain a lot of techniques to make you a seasoned fighter, far above the average goat slipper – even freshly landed from Syria – if you take the trouble to put them in practice. Whether it’s 12-gauge tactical reloading, for example, camouflage, progression, or other more general defense strategies, that will put you well ahead of the pack. It is up to you to become aware of it and to make the necessary efforts before it is too late or that the circumstances make you regret not having done it …

Learn Stress Management Techniques to Get You Prepared

A high level of stress will always cause people to panic. If you are not properly trained and do not prepare yourself psychologically, then you will not be able to face the future, whatever the circumstances may be.

Even if it is impossible to control everything that happens to us, we can always control how we react to it. You should develop your abilities to stay calm and focused by learning various stress management techniques. Learn self-affirmation, relaxation, self-suggestion. Better yet, train your body, and put into practice what you read on this blog and that is able to keep you alive, as well as those that are dear to you.

Any plan for survival preparation should begin with yourself, which is the most important and irreplaceable resource. If you can prepare yourself to cope with your emotions and manage stress levels, then you will be able to develop a survivor mentality. Anyone can accumulate water, food and equipment, but survival is much more than that. All the resources in the world will not help you if you panic or are afraid to use them …

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